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Feb 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >> ama: we have you covered. ahead, remembering a woman who made education history in san francisco. >> dan: a break in the case as police investigate oakland's latest murder. what happened during a street -- >> what it took to get oral kell team u.s.a. sailing this yacht again. >> leigh: what a terrific day it was today. enjoy tomorrow, because rain is returning. we'll take a look at the >> dan: new dew details in a shooting that left one person and three injured at a street fair in oakland on friday night. police have arrested the spurted gunman but are not releasing any information until charges are filed. organizers of the event that showcase local artists are meeting with city leaders to discuss security at the event. more than so thousand people attended. >> ama: a woman who broke two barriers in education in san francisco as died. arena akerman was the first woman and first african-american to serve as san francisco school superintendent. she improved student performance but was forced to resign in 2005 amid charges she didn't get along will with parents and teachers. she die
Feb 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
in education in california means this state is getting rid of a policy requiring 8th graders to take al geeb bra 1. this state board decided california 8th graders will no longer be required to take algae bra one. california adopted what is called common core kir rick rim. they can take algae bra one or take coursesofvé with elements f algae bra. to limit possibilities. it doesn't requirement them to. >> critics say schools struggling can choose not to offer al geeb bra one, leaving students ill prepared for college. for la teen yoz it triples to 63% its hard to ilg nor how important it is. single success about college graduation so why not start early. there has been a big push for education. silicon valley needs workers skilled in the fields. >> we shouldn't be dumbing down our standards. >> bob hough thinks it's a step back. >> we've been rest behind in the world and will lose our place keeping a regime for california. >> supporters insist that this doesn't mean less riggor that it's a good thing to have student expectations. >> the man helped write dr. martin luther king junior's i have
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2